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Providing the best integrated travel, tourism, and entertainment services. By visiting one of our branches, our team will do everything necessary to make your travel experience enjoyable and exciting. We work to identify the appropriate needs for each destination/city as per the tourism program, whether for individual customers or corporate clients.

Airlines Services

Booking and issuing domestic and international flight tickets on all airlines around the world through the use of authorized and centralized global distribution systems, while getting the best prices and offers that suit the customer's budget.

Hotels Services

A vast network of information and content for tourist establishments and facilities, providing the ability to inquire, book, and confirm hotels, resorts, and varying degrees of serviced apartments worldwide at competitive prices.

Tourism Offers

Providing and designing diverse integrated tour packages and programs (domestic, international, entertainment and therapeutic) to various countries around the world that suit all age groups and families to spend the best times during vacation according to your special requirements and at competitive prices.

Tourism Services

Secure all travel and tourism services for your employees, to any desired destinations worldwide through our agents. This may include, for example, reception and farewell services, VIP lounge access, car rental, tour guides, travel insurance, or any other desired services.


With our extensive experience, public relations network, and facilities, our team assists in obtaining all types of visas for all nationalities present in the Kingdom from all foreign embassies in accordance with the regulations followed by each embassy, such as the Schengen visa and the US visa.

International Licenses

Al Fahhad Travels Agency is one of the licensed and approved companies by the Saudi Automobile and Touring Association (SATA) to issue international driving licenses and customs transit books (Carnet de Passages en Douane) to enable the client to drive in all cities around the world, and we complete this process in record time.

Honeymoon Programs

Unforgettable nights of joy and excitement await you with our exclusive and luxurious honeymoon travel packages, accompanied by a range of premium services. Experience the perfect blend of romance and adventure with our diverse features.

Educational Programs

Al Fahhad Agency organizes various educational programs in the English language. These courses are offered by leading institutes and universities, with a focus on improving all language skills for all levels, from beginners to advanced. They also offer other educational programs.

Cruise Trips

Design sea trips tailored to your preferences, including booking activities on tourist islands and safari trips around the world.

Train Booking

Booking services for the fast European international trains, offering travelers easy access to comfortable and competitively-priced European journeys. Through partnerships with major train networks, a variety of travel options and excellent customer service are ensured.

Group Trips

Implementing group trips, which may include, for example, securing confirmed flight reservations, tourist trips, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, and transportation.

Tourism Consultations

Our company has a team of specialized travel and entertainment advisors who work to raise awareness and improve the quality of services provided to customers. We offer the best tourism solutions and tailor them to meet the customer's needs.

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