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Al Fahhad Travels Agency is one of the oldest companies operating in the travel and tourism sector. It operates under an integrated and prestigious system for over 40 years in providing logistical services. It is one of the subsidiaries of Tawoq Holding Company and has been committed since its establishment in 1978 to embody trust in dealing and building a distinctive reputation for the quality of its services.

Since it is one of the first companies to obtain membership

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

And managed to become one of the most competitive tourism and travel service facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, managed by a specialized management and a qualified team and equipped with the latest technological systems to perform travel services and all tourist activities with high efficiency in all its branches spread in the cities of the kingdom (Riyadh – Dammam – Buraidah – Unaizah). As a result of this experience, the company won the World Travel Award in the Middle East as the best travel and tourism operator in the kingdom.

We always adhere to

Our values at work.


In providing renewable tourism services.


In the production of cohesive entertainment services.


In all talents, to create suitable tourism products.


Our aim is to satisfy our customers and bring joy to those around us and those who work with us.


To achieve our customer satisfaction.


Continuous and sustainable for our customers.

We are proud to have received

Important Awards

World Travel Award in the Middle East as the best travel and tourism operator in Saudi Arabia.

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With AlFahhad Travels, you will find everything you need for a perfect trip, from extensive experience in the tourism industry to a specialized team ready to assist you every step of the way, as well as unbeatable prices and offers on flights and hotels.